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$1000 REWARD


We are growing and need your help! We are looking for THE BEST Service Experts we can find. Round 'em up and send them our way If we hire the Tech who you referred to, we will reward YOU with $1000!! 

Here's how it works*:

1. Refer a Technician by having that technician email their resume to: (Make sure they mention you by name in their email!).

2. If your referral is a good fit and we hire them, you will receive a $1000 reward

3. You will receive $300 should the technician be employed with us after 3-months. You will receive the remaining $700 at their one year employment anniversary.   


If you are turning yourself in, the $1000 reward will be gifted to a person or charity of your choosing!

*Technician must be experienced in order to receive the reward. Electrical experiences a plus! 

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